I’ve shaped, polished and sharpened my 3 new hunting knives, W18, W19 and W20.  Now all they need is some fitted, welted sheaths.  To make these, I first design a pattern for each knife, then lay out 6 layers of leather,  cutting some to the exact profile of the knife blade and cutting others to act as a welt and friction pad (these multiple layers not only provide a snug fit for the blade but also protect the stitching from the knife’s sharp edge).   After ensuring the knife fits to the welt, I tool the leather, glue the layers together and drill holes for the lacing.  It takes 10 feet of waxed nylon cord to secure all the layers.  The profile of the sheath is then cut out on the band saw and the leather is dyed to match the color of the knife handle.  The last steps are to create the belt loop, rivet it into place and add the keeper strap to the front of the sheath.