Etched knives – hunting knives or art knives?  People wonder if an etched blade can be considered a hunting knife or should it be displayed as a collectible.  Most of my knives, even some of the “Art Knives”, are built to be functional.  The etched knives are all constructed with strength, durability and functionality in mind.  Of course, these knives are fancier than the hunting and sportsman knives, but don’t be fooled.  Although more elaborate, they still can perform as well as any hunting knife in the field.  You just have a knife that stands out from the ordinary.  If you are not a hunter or outdoors person, these acid etched knives are still a work of art that can be framed and displayed on the wall, as some of my customers have done.  Which ever you are, collector or hunter/outdoorsman – these etched knives will fulfill your needs.

I am adding a new knife to the “Etched Knives” collection.  This model is F4 made from a beautiful set of burled elm scales.  I’ve created a vine etching pattern on the blade and have added brass and black liners to the handle of the knife.  A mosaic center pin and a mirror polished blade complete this newest addition.

As with the majority of my knives, I have handcrafted a custom-fitted, hand tooled and dyed leather sheath that accompanies the knife.