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Come With me on a Tour of My Shop

   I’ve been involved with design and fabrication since I was a young lad but began the real journey in 1984 when I built my first dedicated shop for knife making.  I’ve added a lot to that first shop since then!  The design and fabrication of a knife requires multiple steps and many hours on specific machines to end up with a finished product.  Here’s a few machines involved in some of these steps.

band saw in shop tourThe process begins with cutting out the blade profile from stainless steel bar stock on this modified 12″ band saw.  I added a 1.5 hp DC variable speed motor,  balanced band saw wheels, dust collector and a removable steel table top to make the saw more functional.

​Blade blanks are drilled for the pin and/or bolster holes with this modified drill press.  The variable speed motor and cross slide vice mods allow more flexibility.
The work horse of the shop is my custom made 1.5 hp variable speed 2″ x 72″ belt grinder.  This is where the blade bevels are ground and other shaping processes are completed. 
Heat treating is done once all the drilling, beveling and filework is completed.  This is accomplished with 2 heat treating furnaces run by a laboratory process controller.  The Paragon furnace is for hardening and the Huppert is for tempering.  The controller runs both of the furnaces.
Another very important process is buffing.  This 8 wheel buffing machine took me awhile to design and build, but saves a lot of wheel changing time!  The second custom built buffer is a dedicated unit for specialty buffing.  Variable speed motors installed in these units sure make the buffing task safer and easier.
Other invaluable machines in the shop include various disc and belt grinders, a grinding and polishing system, hydraulic pin press and choil grinder.
I have two shops.  This is my main work area where all the cutting, grinding, sanding and polishing is done.
This one is my second shop where I do all my detail work and fine fitting.
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