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Back in the mid 1980’s, you made me six custom knives: two skinners, three drop points and a caper. After having used them on whitetails, mule deer, antelope, moose, elk, bear and dall sheep, small game and birds, I can attest to their durability, edge-holding abilities, and not the least their good looks. They have served me well in Saskatchewan, Alberta, BC, and the Yukon. They have stood the test of time. My oldest son now uses one each of the drop points and skinners.

Don Rossum

Knife found its way to me in good order and all complete. I was totally taken aback upon opening the box and revealing this amazingly beautiful knife, rather work of art. The pictures on your web site do not do this piece justice. It is stunning.   I have it put away in a safe spot; but I bring it out to look at quite frequently. The colours in the wood of the handle, the file work, the mirror finish of the blade itself (I can see my reflection in it), is all something to take in. It is quite the work of art and is appreciated and will be well cared for. It is amazing, for the size of the knife, how light it is to handle and the handle of the knife is so smooth, like silk, to the touch. It is definitely something that is not mass produced and very unique, and made in Canada, by hand, from Canadian materials, something that is rare these days. Overall, it is a stunning knife and exactly what I was looking for and expecting.  It is an heirloom
piece for sure, that will be carried, eventually; but very limited and carefully.

Andrew Palcic

Top quality hunting knife made with beautiful brown walnut burl wood

I just received the knife.

I have only just taken it out of the package and it has far surpassed my expectations!!  It is absolutely gorgeous!!!

Thank you very much!! I will definitely be ordering another knife in the future.

Thanks again!

Steve Piluso

Brown flame maple hunting knife with drop point blade

Got it – What a beauty!

Dr. R. Kendall

Black paracord knife with chisel grind blade

This will be a family heirloom.


Oh my!  What craftsmanship Gary!  I’m so happy with the knife and the sheath. This will be a family heirloom.

Can’t wait to see the other blades coming up.

Thank you.

Isaac Peachey

Knife with brown colored wood handle resting on leather sheath on grey background

Hello Gary, I received E10 today and I must say it’s a good knife.  The grind looks even and all the details on the spine of the blade and the leather sheath are almost too pretty for an EDC knife.

C. Mac Duff

I highly recommend him to anyone looking to purchase a quality knife.


Couldn’t be happier with the results of the knife Gary made me. It showed up in a timely fashion once completed, and is something of art and
quality. Definitely something that will out live me and my son will put it to use when I’m gone.

Gary is very easy to communicate with and is thorough in asking the right questions to make sure you get the knife you want.

I highly recommend him to anyone looking to purchase a quality knife.

Colby Therrien
CGRT Weld-Fab Ltd.

The knife is beautiful, exactly what I was looking for.


 Gary, I just received the knife, that was a lot faster than I was expecting. The knife is beautiful, exactly what I was looking for. Money well spent. Thank you very much!

Jerrod Farthing

The detail in the knives and sheaths is incredible.

I’ve been collecting knives since I was a kid – I’ve purchased 3 knives from Gary and he is an artist.  My knives are pieces of art – the detail in the knives and sheaths is incredible.  It’s a lot of work.  Thank you, Gary

Gino Berardelli

Beautiful craftsmanship, well balanced - a real, practical work of art!

The knife is amazing.  Beautiful craftsmanship, well balanced – a real, practical work of art!

Chad Eggerman

Customer service given by Gary is second to none - do not hesitate to buy on his site.

I bought this knife on Gary Greer’s website. The knife is outstanding. The stainless steel blade is polished to a mirror finish and it is extremely sharp. You can tell the knife was made by a passionate artisan.

The knife sheath and handle materials are all high end. It truly a piece of art.

Customer service given by Gary is second to none – do not hesitate to buy on his site.  It was my first Greer’s knife but not my last.

Jean Fradet

It holds an edge better than anything I own.

I recently purchased a Gary Greer every-day carry knife.  I consider myself a collector of every-day carry knives and really am enjoying my Greer.  It holds an edge better than anything I own, which is what I look for in a working knife. Not only is it functional, but the finish is spectacular a true testament to the craftsman.

My opinion is for the price point this is the best knife you can buy, competing with much much more expensive knives in my collection. I honestly think I would have to spend 4 X the money to get the same level of craftsmanship.

Gary was excellent to deal with, shipping was a breeze and delivery was early. If you have ever bought a custom knife this is truly amazing.

Jared Mills, President, Cross Borders Drilling

I am a Collector of Knives

Although I do not have need of a knife very often, I am a collector of knifes.  I appreciate the work, the craftsmanship and the thought process of taking a piece of steel and other materials and turning it into a piece of functional art.  The knife that I purchased from Gary is indeed one of those creations.

Bill Wilkening

Excellent Gifts for Friends, Clients, and Hard-to-buy-for Family Members

Gary has supplied me with artwork (he calls knives) for several years now and I truly admire the detail, craftsmanship, and beauty of the six or so different knives I have purchased.  I believe each one to be well worth the investment.  From carvers, fillet, to general purpose hunting, I have enjoyed them all.  They make excellent gifts for friends, clients, and hard-to-buy-for family members.  I highly recommend the quality of Gary’s knives and sheaths and his dedication to maintaining his products well after the sale.

Richard Kilburn, Principle, Kilburn and Associates Private Wealth Management, Investors Group Securities Inc.


Incredible Detailing and Craftsmanship

I purchased my first Gary Greer knife, the Tiger Stripe Maple Hunting knife, in June 2018. I was initially drawn to Gary’s knives by the incredible detailing and craftsmanship, the hand-tooled sheath, and intricate filework on the spine. But it’s not until you feel one of these knives in your hand that you truly appreciate the perfectionism, the faultless blend of art and technology. The ATS-34 stainless steel is sharp enough to shave with, but it is the balance and how the handle fits in your hand that most inspires the knife to be a functional as well as beautiful work of art. I’d love to leave this on display on the most prominent shelf in the house, but that would be a waste; I’ll take this knife on camping, canoeing and fishing trips with full confidence that this was made to do a job, and look good while doing it.

Colin Wallace, Web/Graphic Designer | INTEGRITY IMAGES

I Love it!

Morning Gary. I got my knife! Thanks – it’s amazing. I love it.

Bruce Watt

Exceeded My Expectations

Gary is a master in design and craftsmanship.  His workmanship is exemplary – the exacting detail and finish on all his knives is amazing – definitely heirloom investments. He has exceeded my expectations.

David Payne

You Do Amazing Work

Hi Gary, I ordered a knife for my husband for Christmas you were very very easy to work with and your knives are beautifully crafted and individual. The website was easy to work with and you were great offering advice when I needed it. The knife arrived quickly and with a beautifully handcrafted sheath. My husband loves his knife and is a collector so he plans on ordering more. As well any of his friends he shows the knife to that are hunters are very impressed with the knife and your craftsmanship.

You do Amazing Work!

Doina Martinez

Your Knives are the Best

Helped my buddy skin out this 59 incher last night. The knife you sold me worked like a charm and held an edge thru the whole job!! The workmanship of your knife and sheath is incredible. Your knives are the best!

Mick Mckee