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Take a look at the most recent knives to come off my bench here in Saskatchewan!

I’ve come up with a new series of knives as an alternate finish to mirror polishing.  It’s an acid stonewash finish that gives the blade surface a random design.


Price includes a handcrafted, custom-fitted leather sheath

W33 Ironwood hunting knife

W33 – Ironwood Hunting Knife


W35 Hunting Knife with flame maple handle

W35 – Flame Maple Hunting Knife


SW2 - EDC knife with burled maple handle and stonewashed blade
SW2 – Stonewashed Everyday Carry Knife with Burled Maple Handle


SW3 - EDC knife with spalted maple handle and stonewashed blade
SW3 – Stonewashed Everyday Carry Knife with Spalted Maple Handle


SW4 - Handmade everyday carry knife with Australian lacewood handle and stonewashed blade
SW4 – Stonewashed EDC Knife with Australian Lacewood Handle


W26 – Elk Horn Hunting Knife



A good selection of fixed blade knives available in each of the categories below!

These knives are my own custom designs, constructed in my shop here in Saskatchewan.

I control the whole process by completing each knife and sheath from start to finish – no outsourcing.

As a craftsman with an eye for detail, I guarantee you will be receiving a knife that is high quality, functional and durable as well as beautiful.

With the experience that only 35 years of perfecting a trade can bring,  you know these knives will perform well and give you many years of enjoyment.

High quality hunting and sportsman knives.  Custom fixed-blade designs handmade from a variety of stabilized woods and synthetics.  Full tang 3.75 – 5.5 inch blades, ATS-34 stainless steel, RC 59-60.  Custom fitted leather sheath included.
High end collector art knives.  Exceptionally crafted, unique custom designs by the knifemaker. One-of-a-kind heirloom gifts.  Functional works of art constructed with exotic materials and embellishments.
Handcrafted works of art – fully functional etched knives for outdoor use.   Custom designs by the knifemaker – 3.75 – 4.5 inch blades, ATS-34 stainless steel, RC 59-60.  Handmade fitted leather sheath included.

Top quality EDC knives.  Meticulous fit and finish. Handmade fixed blade everyday carry knives for indoor or outdoor use.  3 – 4 inch blade, ATS-34 stainless steel, RC 59-60.    Unique custom fitted leather tooled and welted sheath is included.