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Hunting Knife Handle Made From Lignum Vitae

 Ever hear of Lignum Vitae? Interesting material - one of the top 10 hardest woods in the world. Very durable for outdoor use due to its density and natural oils. Thought I'd try it out on this little palm skinner.

Grinding a Bevel on the EDC Knife Blanks

Need to grind a blade bevel on these EDC knife blanks before the filework gets done. Some guys eyeball it, but I like the using this homemade jig - gives me an equal plunge line on both sides of the knife.

Choosing a Wood for the EDC Knife Handles

Which wood to use for these EDC knife handles?  Always tough to choose! Flame Maple and Burled Elm are popular with everyone (also two of my favorites) so will go with these. But, to keep it interesting.... I infused some color into the wood so each is a variation of...

Need a Bigger Handle on Your EDC Knife?

Had great success with the last run of EDC knives so decided to make a few more. These have slightly bigger handles - 4.5 inches with 3.25 inch blades.  All full tang, fixed blade made from ATS-34 stainless steel. E7 and E8 are Drop Points E9 is a Drop Point with a...

New EDC’s Available!

Something new just in time for Christmas!  Now available for purchase on the website - E5 and E6.  Both have a unique style of blade called a seax.  Which one do you want - the curly koa or the flame maple!  Check out E3 for a drop point style EDC.

Only 1 EDC Left!

A new customer picked up this figured maple EDC the other day. That means I only have the birdseye maple left - maybe you need it for a Christmas present!


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