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New EDC’s Available!

Something new just in time for Christmas!  Now available for purchase on the website - E5 and E6.  Both have a unique style of blade called a seax.  Which one do you want - the curly koa or the flame maple!  Check out E3 for a drop point style...

Only 1 EDC Left!

A new customer picked up this figured maple EDC the other day. That means I only have the birdseye maple left - maybe you need it for a Christmas present!

Going Fast!

Only have a few EDCs left - making cross draw sheaths for them right now. The spalted maple clip point (last knife in the photo) is already spoken for so will be shipping that one out soon. Once the sheaths are made, I'll etch my mark, give the knives a final polish...

What If?…………….

A new line of knives.......so.....a new sheath design required!  I am contemplating a cross draw design so that the sheath can be worn in either a vertical or horizontal position. The horizontal orientation allows a cross draw motion.  I'm making a prototype of the...

Finishing Up 6 New EDC Knives

Almost finished the 6 EDC's and really happy with the results.  Once the glue dried, the handles were band sawed out, shaped and hand sanded. After a good polish on the buffer, the colors and grain patterns really started to pop out - some nice edge grain patterns...

New Line of EDC’s

I have all the filework done and the blade bevels cut out on the new EDCs. Heat treating's finished and all the handles are cut out and drilled....now to mirror polish the blades then glue on the handles. I put a lanyard hole in the tang and will use some paracord for...

Polished Up and Ready to Go!

It's been a busy few weeks but I managed to finish the Arizona Desert Ironwood hunting knife, W 22.  Really pleased with the way it turned out.

Finishing Up the Custom Sheath for W22

The finished sheath is now dyed and I am making a final check on the fit before applying the keeper strap to W22.  Last things to do are to etch my "maker's mark" on the blade, sharpen it and give it a final polish.


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