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Finishing Up 6 New EDC Knives

Almost finished the 6 EDC's and really happy with the results.  Once the glue dried, the handles were band sawed out, shaped and hand sanded. After a good polish on the buffer, the colors and grain patterns really started to pop out - some nice edge grain patterns...

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New Line of EDC’s

I have all the filework done and the blade bevels cut out on the new EDCs. Heat treating's finished and all the handles are cut out and drilled....now to mirror polish the blades then glue on the handles. I put a lanyard hole in the tang and will use some paracord for...

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Stages in Building a Hunting Knife

After designing the hunting knife, the blank was cut out and heat treated. The pin holes were then drilled into the blank and the black linen Micarta slabs were cut for the handle.  At this point I am completing the spine filework and gluing up the rough cut handles...

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